Contract Manufacturing

We, Orgamyra Kozmetik, do not use any harmful chemical materials in our own brand nor in the brands that we contract manufacture. We are sensitive to nature, soil and all the living. We do not let
inside any raw material that may harm our environment and our skin. We know well the goodness from nature. Instead of using chemical actives derived by chemical processes, we use the health and purity itself offered by nature, against skin probems. In order to protect or homogenise our products, we use natural raw materials or the ones approved by organic certification institutions.

The services we offer with the same mission are;
• Natural product research and development for your brand
• Natural skin care products contract manufacturing or special labelled production
• Cosmetics production consultancy services
• Minstry of Health documentation for production and follow-up
• In case of a lack of responsible technical personnel, providing suitable personnel for employment
• On-demand package supply for your brand
• Label & package design appropriate for Cosmetics Regulations and print process follow-up

USED IN ROSECE PRODUCTSOrganic Certified IngredientsNatural Oils, Plant Extracts and Plant WatersGrinded Fruit SeedsBeeswaxGum, Wax and Rosic of TreesVegetal Glycosides (Foaming Agents)Vitamins and MineralsApproved by an organic sertification authority ingredientsRecycled Packaging
NOT USED IN ROSECE PRODUCTSGenetically Modified Organisms (GDO)Petrochemicals like Paraffin, Vaseline, Mineral OilsPerfume, Silicon and ColorantsCarcinogenic Additives like Paraben and DerivativesSLS, SLES, ALS (Foaming Agents with Sulphate)PEG (Polyethylene Glycol) and PhtalatsEDTA (Ethylenediamine Tetraacetic Acid)DAE (Diethanolamine) and Derivatives, TAE (Triethanolamine)Ingredients Tested on Animals
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